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Scanning & Digitizing

As your paper maps get gradually worn out due to excessive use, perhaps you should have already considered keeping them in digital media.
Think how easier it would be to design all possible versions of a draft or a study directly on-screen, instead of using the same mapsheet over and over.
Imagine the flexibility and the saved storage space, if you had your designs in digital format.
And how easier it would be to manage the maps, finding them right when needed, if they were properly stored in files and directories on your hard disk or a CD-ROM.

At GEODATA we have created a dedicated digitizing team, especially for tasks dealing with map scanning and geographic data production. For many years, this team has acquired profound expertise by supporting a lot of studies that the company has worked out and producing a great deal of datasets ordered by many organizations.

Therefore, we can guarantee fast and faultless production from paper maps or drafts in many different page sizes and various resolutions (as much as 1600 dpi). Our abilities range from simple scanning of black-and-white drafts, to transformations and unifications of coloured thematic maps.
Output files, raster or vector, may be delivered in various alternative formats, depending on the target software, or their size.


For more information, please contact our Service Bureau, at sb@eranet.gr.

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