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All data is produced and maintained under a Quality System, annually certified by the Hellenic Organization of Standardization since 2003, as conforming with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001:2000 in the field of Development & Distribution of Geographic Digital Data.


Road Network (scale 1:20.000)

This road network is derived from orthophotos of scale 1:20,000. All roads of the national and main community network are included in this dataset.

Apart from the increased geometric accuracy, attributes such as coding, class, etc. are also maintained. This dataset matches seamlessly with the more detailed road network at scale 1:5000, which already exists for many urban areas and towns.

Major junctions of the network are also included at a finer scale, making this product ideal for transport planning and fleet management.

- For the road network at scale 1:200.000, see product series HELLAS
- For city networks at scale 1:5000, see product series CITIES

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