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Geographic Data Management System

The Geographic Data Management System is a combination of powerful hardware and highly specialized software, that incorporates the appropriate technologies which will allow central management of the company's geographic data, while providing the necessary mechanisms for sustained and unhindered development and provision of data and services.

It was designed having as primary goal the accelleration the production procedures, while fulfilling three basic prerequisites: (a) high availability, (b) security and (c) scalability.

At the heart of the system are the GIS Servers (running ESRI's ArcGIS Server Advance Workgroup Edition) and the Database Servers (running MS SQL) in clusters, as well as the high availability RAID storage subsystem, hosting the actual data.

The system also includes an automated backup subsystem, dedicated Web Application Servers with load balancing, and secure high-bandwidth Internet connectivity, using triple ADSL lines to different providers.

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