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All data is produced and maintained under a Quality System, annually certified by the Hellenic Organization of Standardization since 2003, as conforming with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001:2000 in the field of Development & Distribution of Geographic Digital Data.


Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

A Digital Elevation Model is a raster representation of the terrain, where grid points contain elevation values.

DEM at scale 1:5,000



Orthophotos 1:5,000



Planimetric Accuracy

+/- 1.2m

Elevation Accuracy

+/- 2m

Projection System

EGSA '87
(Greek National Grid '87)


Arc/Info GRID

This product underwent special statistical processing for removing local sinks or peaks, which are not caused by deficiencies of original data), so as to be utilized correctly when used in a series of operations or applications, like telecommunications, regional planning, environmental analysis, water resources management etc.

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