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Digital Maps & Backgrounds

GEODATA S.A. holds a leading position at GIS and spatial data sector. During the last decade, we have created a great variety of high quality products, already widely used in Greece and abroad.

We gather and process data from various sources: the Greek Statistical Service, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Finance, local authorities, aerial imagery, orthophotos etc. What's more, we cnduct measurements on the spot, in order to guarantee correct data. Thus, we are able to offer the most valid and accurate geographic datasets at various scales and for a great deal of possible uses, ranging from cartography and demographic analysis to address matching and fleet management.

Out of responsibility to our clients, we have established very rigorous quality control specifications during all production stages. Our digital maps are regurarly updated, achieving more and more positional accuracy, whereas the databases attached to the maps are constanly enriched with more attributes.

Moreover, all datasets are accompanied with an extensive documentation and are available in several alternative formats, so they can be used by all popular GIS software.

Nevertheless, the real challenge for us is to foresee all new trends and to suggest cost-effective solutions to our clients. In the near future, several new products are about to be published and many more are already at design or implementation level.


ARC/INFO Export Format (.E00)
ArcView Shapefiles (.SHP)
MapInfo Export Format (.MID/.MIF)
AutoCAD Export Format (.DXF)

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