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Data Cleansing & Geocoding

More than 80% of the information stored in databases has in fact geographic context. The most obvious case is that of tables containing addresses of customers, shops, branches, etc.

When digital maps of the city are used through a GIS software, addresses can easily be located on the map, thus getting geographic reference. After drawing these points on the map, hidden geographic relationships, that otherwise would not be even suspected, is revealed. for example, point distribution, density or area of influence.

GEODATA does not only provide suitable and accurate digital maps for exact geocoding, but has gained proved expertise in processing address lists, as well. The last five years, we have successfully coped with extensive address files owned by many organizations for the metropolitan areas of Athens and Thessaloniki. Our clients entrust us with their customers' lists and very soon they obtain a geocoded file of addresses. The matching score exceeds 85%, which is considered exceptionally high for the greek standards.

So, if you maintain files of addresses and you want to find their location on maps, please contact us by sending e-mail at sales@eranet.gr.

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